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Plans & Pricing

Power your software and applications with MicroBilt's frequently refreshed, reliably delivered, data APIs. Designed for everything from loan origination and identity confirmation to background screening and fraud detection, our APIs provide quality data efficiently and cost-effectively.

MORECredit & Decisioning APIs

Consumer credit data is critical to all lending decisions. MicroBilt delivers both traditional and alternative credit data as a single source data provider.

Alternative Credit

These APIs leverage alternative credit data, bank performance histories and advanced algorithms to provide credit risk assessments for individuals who have limited, stale or no traditional credit history.

Traditional Credit

Access quick, easy, single-source credit scoring from the "Big Three" bureaus as reported through MicroBilt's APIs.

Decision Support Services

Decision Support Services provide access to key data elements and services that support the underwriting, decisioning and compliance requirements related to a credit transaction.


Verify consumer and business banking information in the U.S. and Canada with MicroBilt’s suite of bank verification solutions when underwriting credit, processing ACH/check payments, or verifying application information for tenant screening or other services.

ACH/Check Payment Prescreen

This package is used to verify banking information and reduce the risk of payment returns in advance of accepting ACH/check payments.

Bank Account Verification

This package is used to verify banking information to prevent fraud and assess a consumer or business applicant’s ability to repay a financial obligation. Use these APIs to verify account balances, transaction history, account holder information and more prior to underwriting credit, making direct deposits, initiating money transfers, or sending loan disbursements.


Prevent fraud and verify consumer identity using this suite of application and online verification services. Choose from a variety of APIs to verify only specific information, or utilize MicroBilt's comprehensive verification solution to verify all critical data elements with a single API service.

Identity & Application Verification

These APIs help prevent fraud by verifying the identity of an individual. Verify only what you need using a single API, or combine APIs to customize your approach when verifying: Name, Address, Phone Number, Social Security Number, OFAC and Deceased information.

MORECollections & Recovery APIs

This suite of recovery and skip tracing data provides quick, convenient, and current information that helps to prioritize and successfully track down delinquent accounts for collection.

Locate People

This package can be used to find and append additional phone numbers, addresses or emails associated with a submitted individual.

Locate Assets

These APIs can be used to locate property, bank, employment or vehicle assets that may exist for an individual or business.

MOREBackground Screening APIs

From landlords evaluating potential tenants to employers making hires, these background screening APIs allow you to look at an individual's financial, civil, and criminal history.

Public Records Search

These APIs identify bankruptcies, evictions, suits, liens and judgements as well as any criminal history for submitted individuals.

MOREBusiness Credentialing APIs

This package is used to confirm the corporate filings, professional licensing and UCC Liens associated with an individual or business.

Business Site Inspections & Credentialing

This package is used to confirm the corporate filings, professional licensing and UCC Liens associated with an individual or business.

Payroll Verification

This API delivers payroll verification of IRS forms 940/941/944/1099-MISC, payroll registers, CARES Act and PPP generated documentation as available from the payroll company (ADP, Quickbooks, Gusto & more). Requests can be specified for all available documentation or just specific forms, and is available for delivery via secure email, callback URL or GET Report API functionality