API Categories
API Type

IP Address Validation

Returns a submitted IP Address’ region, latitude and longitude, and other related attributes.

Identity & Application Verification Non Credentialed


A single, integrated predictive credit scoring solution that quickly evaluates the risk level of a potential loan applicant using the industry’s largest alternative lending credit database. This API delivers an industry leading score with credit attributes to support underwriting decisions.
User credentialing is required for access.

Alternative Credit Credentialed

MicroBilt Collections Report

This API provides lenders and other creditors with information about a debtor that will help locate the individual, identify possible assets, and assess the overall likelihood of recovery. Data returned may include: addresses, phone, numbers, alternative credit score and tradeline history, ID verification attributes, bankruptcy and civil records, employment, banking, ACH/check payment history and more.
User credentialing is required for access.

Locate Assets Credentialed

MicroBilt Consumer Lending Report

This API enables users to submit a single request to MicroBilt's alternative credit platform to access its full suite of underwriting solutions. All or any combination of alternative credit products can be configured for delivery in the response, including: iPredict Advantage, BAV Advantage, ID Verify (for Short Term Lending) and MLA Verify. Requests through this solution are supported by MicroBilt's Automated Decision Intelligence (ADI) platform, which enable users to configure product bundles, decision workflow, scoring thresholds and other user-driven rules.
User credentialing is required for access.

Alternative Credit Credentialed