API Categories
API Type

Phone-Name Verification

This API verifies that a submitted phone number matches the submitted name.

Identity & Application Verification Non Credentialed

Professional License Search

This API will verify or locate an individual’s professional licensing including license number, date of issuance and expiration, current status and any associated disciplinary actions. Coverage varies by State and license type.

Business Site Inspections & Credentialing Non Credentialed

Property Report

This API searches tax assessment, deed, mortgage and notice of default records filed in over 3,100 counties with Tax Assessors and County Recorder of Deeds offices. Results may include information as available about property owners, physical site and mailing addresses, land and building property details, and financial information. Searches may be conducted using an address only, or a name and address.

Locate Assets Non Credentialed

Reverse Phone Search (Super Phone)

The API returns all names and addresses associated with a submitted phone number.

Locate People Non Credentialed