API Categories
API Type

ComplyTraq (Inspections & Credentialing)

This API will allow users to request and receive site inspections, virtual inspections and/or credentialing reports on businesses for the purposes of validating the business, confirming adherence to security and compliance policies, verifying equipment and other assets, credentialing the background of the business and its owners/operators, and performing other required visual inspections as required by the requestor

Business Site Inspections & Credentialing Credentialed

Death Master File Validation

This API confirms whether a submitted individual is listed as deceased and if deceased in which city and state they are so listed.

Identity & Application Verification Non Credentialed

DL Format Validation

Confirms that the submitted driver’s license formatting is the correct format as stipulated for the submitted state.

Identity & Application Verification Non Credentialed

Driver's License Search

This API allows users to search the driver's license bureaus of permitted states by Driver's License Number/State or Name/Address to identify current and previous driver's license registrations for an individual.
User credentialing is required for access.

Locate People Credentialed