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ABA & Account Schema Verification (rVd Lite)

This service validates the bank routing number is an active routing number along with providing the financial institution’s name, contact information, type, and details on the branch locations.  It will detail if the routing number accepts ACH transactions and provide any new routing numbers issued if the original has been changed.  In addition if an account number is submitted, RVD Lite will check to ensure the account number structure follows a known account schema for the financial institution.  To be compliant with the Nacha Web debit rule, please see RVD Advantage, RVD Plus or RVD Advantage Lite.

ACH/Check Payment Prescreen Non Credentialed

ACH & Check Prescreen (rVd Basic & Advantage)

Prescreen ACH/check payments to reduce the risk of fraud and returns. This service will process a submitted Routing and Account Number against MicroBilt's database containing positive and negative ACH/check writing history. It will validate the account is open and in good standing while also returning information about critical account and transaction attributes such as account holder name, driver's license number format and more.
User credentialing is required for access.

ACH/Check Payment Prescreen Credentialed

ACH & Check Prescreen Lite (rVd Advantage Lite)

This service verifies the bank routing number is valid and active in the US or Canada and utilizes sophisticated algorithms and proprietary processes to ensure the structure of the account presented conforms with the known structure(s) issued by the financial institution. In addition, it will also provide a decline alert if the bank account is known to be closed or invalid. RVD Advantage Lite is a non-FCRA version of ACH/Check Prescreen – RVD Advantage and does not provide an alert if an account has unpaid debits for reasons other than known account closed or invalid accounts. Because it is a non FCRA product, rVd Advantage Lite will not return the level of details provided in RVD Advantage or RVD Plus such as check writer history, account holder names or telephone numbers. rVd Advantage Lite supports the Nacha Web Debit rule.

ACH/Check Payment Prescreen Non Credentialed

Address Validation & Standardization

This package returns standardized formatting and classification of a submitted address as listed with the United States Postal Service, while also delivering other important indicators about the address to identify high risk locations, address type, transient commercial use and more.

Identity & Application Verification Non Credentialed