Bank Account Verification APIs


Bank Account Verification

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Streamline access to banking and other financial data using MicroBilt’s Instant Bank Verification (IBV) APIs. Confirm bank routing and account numbers, account balances, transaction details and more to support decisions in consumer and commercial lending, merchant verification, property management, and other business use cases requiring reliable verification of an applicant’s banking information and financial health.


Due to Federal regulation, the following APIs require an additional level of credentialing. For pricing plan information or to begin the credentialing process contact a MicroBilt representative.
Instant Bank Verification (IBV)
This API delivers banking information on Consumer and Business accounts to prevent fraud and verify an applicant’s ability to repay a loan or other financial obligation. IBV provides coverage of more than 20,000 financial institutions in the United States and Canada. Information returned includes: current and available account balances, direct deposits, credit and debit transactions, insufficient funds, Routing and Account Number, account holder information when available, estimated income, SSN and other verification indicators, and more.
User credentialing required for access.