Testing MicroBilt APIs - Step By Step

1. Go to My API Keys and select Add A New Key

Add A New Key

2. From My API keys, enter your new key name in the appropriate field.


Name Your Key

3. Check the API Sandbox Development And Testing box


Choose Product

4. You’ll see your new key listed on the My API Keys page


Key Added


5. Go to the APIs page via APIs in the top navigation and select a category


Go to APIs


6. From the dropdown, choose an API Subcategory (e.g. Application Verification) and click More


View API Categories

7. Choose an API the list of APIs on the Subcategory page and select Learn More

Vew Category APIs


8. Select Get Report from the API detail page


View APR Detail

Get Report


9. Scroll down and tap the OAuth 2.0 button


Select OAuth

10. From the pop-up, select your API key


Choose your API key


11. The OAuth 2.0 button will now be Authenticated


Confirm Authentical


12. Now you can click Send this Request to test the API.


Send API Request