Plans & Pricing

MicroBilt APIs are bundled and made available by subscription packages. Pricing is tiered and based on the volume of calls from <1000 to >500,000.

A subset of MicroBilt APIs contain sensitive and regulated data which requires a deeper level of credentialing before access can be granted. Prices for these products can be obtained by contacting MicroBilt customer service.

Pricing ranges for our standard subscription APIs are as follows:

API Package
(packages contain access to multiple bundled APIs)
Cost ranges, per call, by volume
Bank Account Validation API Package2¢ to 4¢
Application Verification APIs2¢ to 7¢
Locate People APIs15¢ to 23¢
Public Records APIs26¢ to $5.53
NADA Vehicle Pricing APIs47¢ to 72¢
Locate Assets APIs$1.41 to $2.35
Business Credentialing APIs$1.59 to $2.27

Please note: Test keys will not work for API subscriptions. When subscribing to an API that you've tested, the new key for production access will be automatically created for you.