The API Definition - What is an API?


What is the API definition? Why does this matter to you and your business?


API, which stands for application programming interface, is a very important tool. It allows one website or application (or any other type of software) to talk to each other. It’s one of the most important components because, without it, there’s a lack of continuity and flow.


What Is API to Me?


API is the software that works in between two applications to enable them to communicate properly. When you think about the apps you are using today – everything from the instant message you are sending to Facebook, you are using API. If you use your phone to check the weather, again, you’re using API. To see what it is and how it works, consider what happens when you use an app on your phone.


· The app connects to the internet.

· It then sends data to the server.

· The server then is prompted to find that data.

· The server then interprets the data and performs a few steps.

· It then sends that information back to your app. When that data is delivered to the app, it’s in a readable, usable form.


In each step of this process, API is used to help the various components community. Another simple explanation of how this works is in a traditional restaurant setting. You want to place an order for the kitchen to make. The waiter communicates your desire to the kitchen, facilitating the process. The waiter works as the API in this example. It takes your order and then tells the system what to do. The waiter waits for the food and delivers it to you.

API handles complex processes, such as locating all the available flights you can choose from for your trip. It takes into account all the options available – times, different cities, dates, and so on. It then provides you with a simple, easy to read list of options.


API Also Provides Security


API also helps to keep the flow of data safe. For example, in the mobile phone app example, your personal data never is exposed to the server in full. And, the server does not expose your phone. APIs are a very important part of many company’s revenues – some companies like Google and Amazon make a great deal of money from using their APIs.


How Are They So Useful?


APIs can do much more than they used to. Today, they can become very useful to companies:


· They adhere to all standards, including REST and HTTP.

· They are easily accessible and understood.

· They are standardized, which makes them a better option for security and governance.

· They are designed for consumption, which means they are less difficult to understand than other forms of coding.


What We Offer at Microbilt


Microbilt provides free API testing for you. We offer consumer data APIs for multiple verticals. This includes credit and decisioning, collection and recovery, as well as bank verification. Our financial APIs are incredibly effective and efficient at accessing key bank account data. We also offer an account prescreening API.

What is the API definition? Why does this matter to you and your business?