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US Criminal Report

This API offers access to 3 different criminal report options, including the US Criminal Database Report (nationwide database), US Criminal County Report (manual/direct county court search) and US Criminal Statewide Report (manual/direct statewide court search). The combination of database and direct court searches available through the US Criminal Report API ensures users have comprehensive access to felony and misdemeanor court records and convictions, sex offender registries, incarceration records and traffic violations across the United States. 

Coverage may vary by jurisdiction.
User credentialing is required for access.

Public Records Search Credentialed


This API returns vehicle information such as VIN, tag, vehicle year, make, model, type and color as available from permitted States.
User credentialing is required for access.

Locate Assets Credentialed

Watchlist Search

Appends any data included in OFAC/Watchlist records as matched to a submitted individual or business.

Identity & Application Verification Non Credentialed