This service verifies the bank routing number is valid and active in the US or Canada and utilizes sophisticated algorithms and proprietary processes to ensure the structure of the account presented conforms with the known structure(s) issued by the financial institution. In addition, it will also provide a decline alert if the bank account is known to be closed or invalid.   RVD Advantage Lite is a non-FCRA version of ACH/Check Prescreen – RVD Advantage and does not provide an alert if an account has unpaid debits for reasons other than known account closed or invalid accounts.  Because it is a non FCRA product, rVd Advantage Lite will not return the level of details provided in RVD Advantage or RVD Plus such as check writer history, account holder names or telephone numbers.  rVd Advantage Lite supports the Nacha Web Debit rule.



Request previously obtained report by using its RqUID (AppId). Previously pulled reports are available on the system for immediate access for up to 90 days.


ACH/Check Performance Reporting

ACH & Check Prescreen (rVd) customers are required to report unpaid and paid ACH and Check statuses.   Notes regarding reporting: The transaction type determines what type of an entry it is.   A transaction type 10 is an unpaid return and type 11 is a paid return.   Consumer or Company name and return reason (CheckInfo.returnReason) is required on each return.  When submitting historical transactions, positive transactions will be transaction type 25.  This will populate the consumer's positive history. When reporting a consumer account holder, populate the ConsumerInfo fields. When reporting a commercial/business account holder, populate the BusinessInfo fields. PayeeInfo is used for third party checks such as payroll.  For a payroll check, you would populate the CompanyInfo segment (owner of the account) and the PayeeInfo segment (who is cashing the check). Sample requests are included for each scenario.