MicroBilt APIs


Collection & Recovery APIs: Locate Assets

Plans & Pricing

These APIs are used to identify currently owned or recently sold property and assets for an individual or business. This information can be used to verify, locate and/or assess the worth of an individual or business using the details available on various types of asset records.

Due to Federal regulation, the following APIs require an additional level of credentialing. For pricing plan information or to begin the credentialing process contact a MicroBilt representative.
Bank Account Search
This API leverages multiple sources of data to locate and verify Bank Routing and Account Numbers associated to an individual, while only delivering accounts verified to be low risk.
Employment Search
This API leverages a unique sourcing strategy to identify current and previous employment for an individual as reported on consumer loan applications, bank headers, alternative credit data reporting and other compiled third party data sources.
Vehicle Search
This API returns vehicle information such as VIN, tag, vehicle year, make, model, type and color as available from permitted States.