MicroBilt APIs


Business Credentialing APIs:
Business Site Inspections & Credentialing

Plans & Pricing

These APIs are bundled to support business credentialing and due diligence needs. They are used to to reduce the risk of doing business with third-party companies and individual professionals. Data returned includes professional licensing, incorporation, merger and dissolution filings as well as UCC liens filed against business collateral.



Professional License Search
This API will verify or locate an individual’s professional licensing including license number, date of issuance and expiration, current status and any associated disciplinary actions. Coverage varies by State and license type.

UCC Search/Report
This API returns any claims filed against collateral that is pledged on a loan. It includes debtor name and address, related filings, collateral, legal type and legal document numbers.
Due to Federal regulation, the following APIs require an additional level of credentialing. For pricing plan information or to begin the credentialing process contact a MicroBilt representative.
ComplyTraq (Inspections & Credentialing)
This API will allow users to request and receive site inspections, virtual inspections and/or credentialing reports on businesses for the purposes of validating the business, confirming adherence to security and compliance policies, verifying equipment and other assets, credentialing the background of the business and its owners/operators, and performing other required visual inspections as required by the requestor