MicroBilt APIs


Credit & Decisioning APIs: Alternative Credit

MicroBilt’s alternative credit APIs are built on top of a proprietary alternative credit database which returns data from top U.S. alternative lenders. This information is combined with other supplementary data allowing users to assess the credit worthiness of people who don’t have a traditional credit history. Easily implemented, you’ll get automated predictive credit decisioning and an actual alternative credit score using a similar scoring range to traditional scores of 350-800. You can also validate an individual’s banking behavior by accessing millions of ACH and check transactions from 22,000+ global financial institutions.

Due to Federal regulation, the following APIs require an additional level of credentialing. For pricing plan information or to begin the credentialing process contact a MicroBilt representative.
MicroBilt Consumer Lending Report
This API enables users to submit a single request to MicroBilt's alternative credit platform to access its full suite of underwriting solutions. All or any combination of alternative credit products can be configured for delivery in the response, including: iPredict Advantage, BAV Advantage, ID Verify (for Short Term Lending) and MLA Verify. Requests through this solution are supported by MicroBilt's Automated Decision Intelligence (ADI) platform, which enable users to configure product bundles, decision workflow, scoring thresholds and other user-driven rules.
User credentialing is required for access.
A single, integrated predictive credit scoring solution that quickly evaluates the risk level of a potential loan applicant using the industry’s largest alternative lending credit database. This API delivers an industry leading score with credit attributes to support underwriting decisions.
User credentialing is required for access.
Bank Account Verify Advantage (BAV Advantage)
This API accesses over one billion ACH and check transactions on more than 100 million consumers. It helps lenders and other businesses evaluate the credit and fraud risk associated with a submitted bank account.
User credentialing is required for access.